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Cassandra almost swore at him in her exasperation. Duncan was being incredibly blind; she had to make him see. “Methos is a liar, and he is very good at it. He’ll just lie to you again, the way he’s been lying ever since you’ve known him.” She had no doubt that Methos had lied about what he was, or Duncan would never have considered him a friend. “He’ll do things for you, pretend he cares, just to get you to trust him, but it’s all a lie. I’ve seen him do it before.”
Sudden uncertainty came into Duncan’s eyes.
Cassandra wanted to say more, but she knew Duncan had to convince himself of this. She waited a moment, then she had to ask, “What did Connor say about me?”
Duncan looked at her carefully before he answered. “He said you were his friend.”
She drew in a quick breath, welcoming the painful gladness that statement brought. “Yes. We’re friends now.” Connor had hated her for centuries, but no more. He had finally forgiven her for what she had done to him. His friendship and his forgiveness made it easier for her to continue, knowing she was likely to die. For that was what she was facing�a battle to the death. A battle with Death.
A battle she wanted to fight now. “I’m not imagining this, Duncan, and I’m not making it up. It’s true.” She started for the door.
“Cassandra, wait!” he called.
“I’ve waited too long already.”
She had waited too long. She had not been able to find Methos. But she did find Kronos. He was in an abandoned power-station, south of Seacouver. She sat in her car and watched the building for a while, then gathered up her courage and her sword and went in.
The sensation of another Immortal crawled into her skull as she entered the main hall. Kronos’s voice�that hated, mocking voice she had not heard for millennia and still remembered perfectly�echoed off the concrete walls and the metal pipes and silent machinery.
“You’re late,” he said. “I hope you brought his sword.”
“I brought mine,” she called, the hilt comfortable and comforting in her hands as she advanced on him. “It’s all I need.”
Kronos looked up from his desk. His hair was short now, just like Methos, and the face-paint was gone, but the scar across his right eye was still there, and the hate was still there. He smiled in lazy anticipation as he picked up his sword.
Cassandra suddenly realized where Roland had learned his smile. Kronos had taught him well. She wet her lips and kept walking toward the Horseman. She was not going to run. Not again. They circled each other at a distance, watching, judging, waiting.
“You look different somehow,” he said appraisingly, as he stripped the clothes off her with his eyes. “Maybe it’s because you’re on your feet, instead of on your back.” He smiled again, a lewd, knowing leer. “Or on your knees.”
Cassandra did not respond.
“Or on your hands and knees,” Kronos continued. “Or on your face in the dirt.” The cheerful smile grew wider. “Do you remember, Cassandra?” His wet his lips, but not in nervousness. “I do,” he confided.
“Do you remember the last time I knelt at your feet, Kronos?” she countered. “In your tent?”
It was evening now, and the inside of the tent was dim, lit only by the red flickers from the fire in the brazier. It had been mid-day when Kronos had dragged her into his tent, a lifetime ago. Many lifetimes ago. She couldn’t remember how many times he had killed her, how many different ways she had died.
“No more!” she begged, as Kronos yanked her to feet yet again. “No more!” she said, finally willing to cooperate instead of merely surrendering. It didn’t matter anymore. “Please, don’t hurt me.”
He smiled then, pleased at her total submission, and he let go of her wrists.
She slowly went to her knees before him, using her mouth and her hands to touch him in the ways that Methos had taught her, hoping to please this new master as she had pleased the old.
Kronos sighed in satisfaction and tilted his head back, his eyes closed. “Maybe I won’t give you to Caspian after all.”
She forced herself not to tremble. She had seen what Caspian did to his slaves. And Kronos would share her with his brothers eventually. She knew that.
Unless she ran away.
She could not control her trembling now, as she remembered the brutal punishments from before. But what were her choices? The slim chance for freedom now? Or Kronos, then Caspian, then Silas, then probably Kronos again? Over and over again, forever. Methos did not want her anymore; today had made that very clear.
She could not bear to stay here, to see Methos from a distance every day, to remember.
Kronos still had his eyes closed, and she made her choice. The broad-bladed knife lay on his pallet, dark-wet with her blood. She had never killed anyone before, but it should be no different, really, than butchering a goat, and she had done that many times. She picked up the blade and drove it straight up into his groin, twisting the knife in the wound before she backed away, his blood spilling over her hand.
He shuddered and fell, gasping with pain and surprise. She shuddered, too, with revulsion and fear. But there was one difference between butchering goats and killing Kronos. She felt sorry for the goats.

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"And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests,�" Not just the tribe of Levi. Every Jew from whatever tribe was to be a priest of Jehovah. A go-between. You see that? Now, let me show you the other verse that shows you how beautifully that can be put together. Still keep Isaiah, we�re coming back to it in a little bit, but jump all the way up to Zechariah. As Zechariah says it so specifically, that this is what Israel was offered.
Now they rejected it, remember. They never cashed in on it. Oh, let�s see, I want Zechariah chapter 8, verse 20. Now, keep all this in mind. Every Jew was to be what? A go-between, a priest. No matter what his tribe. When would it be? When they have the King and the Kingdom.
"Thus saith the LORD of hosts; (This is what Jehovah, God the Son, is telling Israel.) It shall yet come to pass, (You remember, I think I mentioned in the last taping, God doesn�t lie! It�s going to happen. It hasn�t yet. It�s still going to.) that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities: 21. And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to pray before the LORD, (in Jerusalem) and to seek the LORD of hosts: I will go also." This Gentile says. Now, verse 22.
"Yea, many people and strong nations (Is that all Jew? No, this includes all the Gentile world now.) shall come to seek the LORD of hosts (where?) in Jerusalem, (That�s what your Bible says.) and to pray before the LORD." That is before Jehovah or before God the Son or Jesus the Christ as we know Him. Now, look at verse 23, my, this is plain English again.
"Thus saith the LORD of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all the languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a (Priest of Levi? No. That�s not what your Bible says, but rather�) Jew, (Why? Because he�s a priest. He�s their go-between.) saying, We will go with you: (gladly follow you. Why?) for we have heard that God is with you ." Now, that�s just a couple out of many prophecies concerning Israel�s role in this coming glorious Kingdom, when their Messiah would rule and reign over all the nations.
All right, I think we can come back to chapter 62 of Isaiah. Remembering that the Gentiles of that day have nothing to do with the God of Israel. The Jews have nothing to do with those pagan Gentiles. It�s all promised for some future time. All right, but the day would come, verse 2 again:
"And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, (Remember how that fit with what we just read. They will say to that Jew, we will go with you, for we know that God is with you. All right, here it is) and all kings thy glory:�" Do people see glory in a Jew today? Hardly. Oh, they may recognize their wealth and their intelligence and all the other things that they�ve got going for them, but their righteous glory? Hardly. But the day is coming.
"�and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name. 3. Thou shalt be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God." Now, do you see what God is saying? That�s Israel�s future. They�re going to be the pride and joy of the God of Abraham. How does another one put it? "The apple of His eye." Everything of God�s blessings and glory will be focused on that little nation of Israel. Then people try to discredit all this and try to tell us that God is all through with the Jew � that they disappeared after 70 AD? Heavens no! Their glory is still yet out in front. It�s still coming, and it�s going to be beyond description.
Well, I could take you back to so many places that show that over and over. Now I�m going to take you a minute to Jeremiah 31. We may have looked at it in our last taping, but if we did, it certainly won�t hurt to look at it again. We�ve been looking a lot at Israel�s material blessings. After all, that is the way God has always blessed Israel, through earthly promises, because they are God�s earthly people. But, don�t ever forget that God is going to bless them just as much spiritually. They�re going to be the spiritual pride and joy of Jehovah God.
All right, Jeremiah 31:31. It�s what we call the new covenant. It has nothing to do with us Gentiles whatsoever. A lot of people try to put us under this covenant. If they can find me someone that is already practicing the results of this covenant, I�d like to meet them. It sure isn�t this person. I don�t think any of you can claim it. But one day Israel will.
"Behold, the days come, (That�s a promise, again.) saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant (a new covenant! Something that�s never been done before.) with the house of Israel, (Not with the Church. Not with the Gentiles. Who? Israel!) and with the house of Judah:" See how plain this is? "I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel." Not just the Levites, the whole nation of Israel.
"Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt;�" Not the covenant of Law, with all of its burdens and restrictions. No, it�s not going to be that covenant. Now verse 33:

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The going rate in most short-time bars in Thailand is 1000 – 1300 baht. That is all-inclusive. Room, sex, barfine, shower and you’ll ever need. That is a pretty good deal if you ask me. Some of these girls are wild as fuck, and will give you a good time.
The most famous street in Thailand for short-time bars are soi 6 in Pattaya.
Knowing what massage parlor that offer extras can be tricky at times. A good rule to follow is that the closer a massage parlor is to a red light district, the more likely it will be that they have extra stuff on the menu. Another sign to look for is how loud the girls yell after you.
Much cheaper than the go-go bars and beer bars. The average price all over Thailand is about 500 baht for a hand job and 1000 baht for a blowjob. Relative discreet. You don’t have to walk around with a hooker, register her in your hotel front desk etc. Some of these girls really know how to give you BJ.
If you walk past a massage parlor and you see a girl that you like you say to the girl that you want her to massage you. If you take oil massage you will be completely naked with just a towel over your dick (easy access for the girl).
In some of the most dirty massage parlors they wont even let you out before they have sucked out all the juice from your balls (if you want to know what I mean, go to Sukhumvit soi 23 behind Soi Cowboy in Bangkok) Those girls are nuts!
Some girls will be very out front about giving you a happy ending, other girls will just tap on your dick with a funny look on their face. Some girls you even have to take the initiative.
Soapy massage parlors.
These establishments are found all around Thailand. Some of them are huge and even have a kitchen where you can have food served to your room while you bang away on your temporary sex toy.
These places are mostly visited by Thai men, but foreigners are welcome also.
Some of these parlors have unbelievable sexy girls. I once went to a soapy massage in Bangkok and I could not believe my eyes! No bullshit! You go inside, pay, fuck, leave. No lady drinks or bar fines. Tipping is up to you!
When you enter a soapy massage you will usually see a fishbowl full of girls. Some parlors also have freelancers that just sits around in the lobby. You walk around, look at the girls, and when you have found one that catch your eyes, you call a waiter and ask to talk with her.
The girls inside the fishbowl will have number’s on them, while the freelancers will not, but they are in the lobby, so you can just go over and talk with them.
When the girl that you selected have introduced herself, it is really up to you want you want to do. You could go straight to the rooms upstairs, or you could sit down and talk for 5 minutes (this is a good time to ask her what she goes along with if you want to do some special stuff).
When it’s time to go up, the girl will bring you to the cashier, there you will pay for all the fun, and she will escort you to an available room.
In the room there is a big bed and a big baht tub. The girl will fill up the bath tub. When the bath tub is full you will jump inside together. She will start to massage you with oils and soap. Some girls will even give you a body-to-body massage (that is fucking awesome!!).
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The prices are very competitive, and just about as low as you’ll find in Bangkok, and you can even track your girl all the way to your hotel room door with their live GPS tracking system, Uber style.
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Best bar for freelancers in Bangkok.

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The study of modern marriage in southeastern Nigeria, and particularly married women’s risk of HIV infection in the context of prevalent male infidelity, was undertaken primarily in one period of research. I spent June-December 2004 in Nigeria, living in a household in Ubakala that included a married woman, several children, and a migrant husband, and in Owerri with a young newlywed couple. Four local research assistants were hired to assist with marital case study interviews in both sites and to contribute to participant observation in Owerri. Two female research assistants conducted the marital case study interviews with women in Ubakala, while I conducted the interviews with men. In Owerri, male and female assistants conducted marital case study interviews with men and women, respectively, and also undertook participant observation in married households and in contexts related to extramarital sex, such as bars, clubs, and brothels. I conducted participant observation in both Ubakala and Owerri, and was also responsible for key informant interviews in each venue. Key informants included community leaders, religious leaders, government and non-government medical and public health officials, commercial sex workers, and people living with HIV/AIDS. I also collected popular cultural and archival materials related to marriage, sexuality, and Nigeria’s HIV epidemic.
Marital case studies were conducted with 20 couples, 14 residing in Ubakala and six residing in Owerri. The couples were selected opportunistically with the objective of sampling marriages of different generations and duration, couples with a range of socioeconomic and educational profiles, and, of course, those living in both rural and urban settings. People in Owerri and Ubakala are better off economically than in many other regions of Nigeria. While the sample in the marital case studies is skewed to what might be described as an aspiring middle class (most couples were not actually middle class), because of rising education levels and increasing urban exposure that are common in southeastern Nigeria, most Igbo people share many characteristics and aspirations evident in the sample. For individual couples, men were almost always older than their wives (typically 5–10 years) and tended to have higher incomes. However, educational disparities between husbands and wives, while skewed in favor of men, were relatively minimal, reflecting both the overall increase in access to education, and people’s preference to marry partners of similar accomplishment. Interviews were conducted in three parts, generally in three sessions, each approximately one to one and a half hours in duration. Husbands and wives were interviewed separately. All respondents agreed to participation after being presented with protocols for informed consent approved by institutional review boards in both the US and Nigeria. The first interview concentrated primarily on premarital experiences, courtship, and the early stages of marriage. The second interview examined in greater depth the overall experience of marriage, including issues such as marital communication, decision-making, childrearing, resolution of disputes, relations with family, and changes in the marital relationship over time. The final interview focused on marital sexuality, extramarital sexual relationships, and understandings and experiences regarding HIV/AIDS. All interviews were tape recorded and transcribed. In this article, I focus on couples that were married in the 10 years prior to the interview in order to examine the transition to marriage and the ways that women adapt to married life in the cohort most affected by recent and ongoing changes in courtship and marriage.
Most Igbo men and women enter marriage with premarital experience in romantic and sexual relationships. With later age at marriage and high rates of rural-urban migration that place unmarried young people farther away from the moral gaze of their parents, their extended families, and their communities, opportunities for premarital relationships are common. Further, sexual and romantic relationships before marriage are widely seen as markers of being urban and educated (Smith 2000, Cornwall 2002), but also as a sort of rehearsal for marriage (Smith 2004b).
Of course there are many different kinds of premarital relationships, and whether they serve as a precursor to marriage depends partly on the nature of the relationship. For example, a young woman in a relationship with an older married man would almost never think of displacing the man’s wife. The age and life course position of the individuals are crucial in situating the purpose, meaning, and possible outcomes of a premarital relationship. A young woman beginning university would be less likely to be “looking for a husband,” as Nigerians like to say, than a woman in her late 20s, whom society views as quickly approaching the end of her marriageable years. Regardless of whether sexual relationships evolve into marriage, premarital experiences create expectations that both set the stage for and contrast with the gendered division of labor that is characteristic of marriage. Of particular interest here is the dynamic between interpersonal intimacy and material exchange—or, more crudely, between love and money.

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Deutsche Welle DW-WORLD.DE, 22.06.2004.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
The new law banning foreign adoptions is meant to better protect Romania ‘s orphans, as many of the children supposedly destined for adoption were instead being trafficked into prostitution or the illegal organ trade.
Glenda Cooper, BBC News, Bucharest , 17 September, 2004.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
But he is most concerned by the increased targeting of these children by traffickers and pedophiles. "They are taken in a car and sold like an animal, and used for prostitution in different houses," he said. He did not believe how bad the problem was until he discovered an illegal brothel near his sister’s house. "He had girls, starting with eight- or nine-year-olds – most of them coming up off the street"
Easy Prey – Inside the Child Sex Trade.
Cable News Network CNN.
[accessed 19 September 2011]
A Romanian filmmaker returns to his native land to document child prostitution and trafficking of Romanian street children. Gallery – Armed with a hidden camera, filmmaker Liviu Tipurita investigates the growing child sex trade in his native Romania , focusing on the street children of Bucharest , the capital [Next]
Justin Logan, February 21, 2004.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly also be accessible [here]
[accessed 13 July 2011]
Maybe the most shocking thing was that the children seemed to go from giddiness to extreme discomfort when they found out that the man wanted to talk with them, not have sex with them. It was the talking that they saw as violation. The documentary showed the author bargaining with a Romanian father outside of a graveyard in Milan over how much it would cost to have sex with the man’s 14-year-old son.
Country Information Romania.
Terre des Hommes via its Internet platform against sexual exploitation of children in tourism
[accessed 17 September 2011]
COMMERCIAL SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN IN TOURISM – Romania , and in particular Bucharest , is one of the key travel destinations in Europe for paedo -sexual offenders. The street-children are frequently victims. It is estimated that five per cent of the homeless children in Romania are forced into sexual exploitation. As a reaction, there has recently been an increase in the numbers of arrests, with foreign perpetrators receiving long prison sentences in Romania .
LAW – The sexual abuse of children in Romania is punished with prison sentences of up to fifteen years. Romania ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in October 1990, and in January 2002 it ratified the optional protocol on child trafficking, child prostitution, and child pornography.
Combating Human Trafficking – Romania.
Basic Education and Policy Support Activity BEPS, October 2003 � June 2004.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
BEPS launched a pilot project using education to combat child prostitution and trafficking in northeastern Romania . The project targeted a trafficking route near neighboring Moldova and Ukraine , which passes through two of the most impoverished counties of the country. The project worked to educate the general public, parents, educators, and youth about the risks of trafficking.
Children’s Fund Announces Major Step Against Child Pornography.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty RFE/RL, 11 November 2001.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
The United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF, is praising Romania for ratifying an international agreement on child prostitution, child pornography, and the sale of children. The overnight statement from UNICEF comes after Romania recently became the 10th country to ratify the agreement, thus making the protocol legally binding to signatories as of 18 January 2002.
Report submitted by Juan Miguel Petit, Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 13 July 2011]
The report focuses on the sale of children in the context of trafficking of children and child prostitution, and on child pornography and its links with domestic child sexual abuse. Concerning the sale of children, trafficking and child prostitution, the report relates information presented to the Special Rapporteur by the Children�s Ombudsman ( D�fenseure des enfants ), the police, NGOs, as well as government ministries. According to this information, children are being trafficked into France primarily from Eastern Europe, notably Romania , and from West Africa, but also from Asia including such countries as India and China . Many, if not most, of these children are under the control of trafficking networks and are forced into prostitution .
Youth-Sex Trade Flourishes In Post-Communist Eastern Europe.
Paul Knox, Toronto Globe and Mail, Scripps Howard News Service, Stockholm , Sept. 4, 1996.
[accessed 13 July 2011]
They’re the child and teen-aged prostitutes of Eastern Europe , where the youth-sex trade is flourishing in the turmoil of the post-Communist era. Some of the most harrowing stories told at a global conference on commercial child sex here come from Romania , where girls as young as nine have been found working as street or train-station prostitutes.

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