Amateur asian tsunami video footage – Pics and galleries

Amateur asian tsunami video footage

This footage is exactly what we want the world to see because it shows the incredible destructive power and mesmerizing effect of the Tsunami and explains why so many people died and the enormous damage it caused to everything that was in it’s path. Fourteen most popular amateur videos are here, in a variety of formats mostly. Find news, facts, videos, articles and links about Indonesia. Seeing how a lot of sites can’t keep up with the bandwidth requirements of hosting them and recognising the importance of distributing them to educate the public about the enormity of this disaster and increase fundraising I decided to help distribute them. Tsunamis are large waves like tidal waves caused by seismic activity such as volcanic eruptions or a vertical displacement of the oceans – by earthquakes, landslides or meteorite strikes. It is written in Spanish though sorry although I will translate the title for you which reads “Uruguayan Creates Site in Solidarity with Asia” you can find it here. Shot from inside a quickly-flooding restaurant in Phuket, waves engulf older couple clinging to railing outside before flooding entire room.