Christian arguments against gay and lesbian marriages.

Christian arguments against gay and lesbian marriages

The ELCA does not allow the minister to make the decision. Practices were eradicated with Jesus so read the New Testament and STUDY. Homosexuals not reproducing is a good thing for many nations in the long run. Unlike other sins, homosexuality has a heavy judgment administered by God Himself upon those who commit it and support it. Blaine Amendment Christian anarchism Christian anti-communism Christian anti-Masonry Papal ban Christian anti-Zionism Christian communism Christian corporatism Christian democracy Christian egalitarianism Christian environmentalism Evangelical environmentalism Christian fascism German Christians National Catholicism Positive Christianity Protestant Reich Church Christian feminism Mormon feminism Christian humanism Christian law Christian left Evangelical left Christian libertarianism Christian pacifism Christian peacemaking Christian reconstructionism Christian republic Christian right Christian socialism In Utah Christian state Christian Zionism Cisalpinism Dominion Theology Febronianism Gallicanism Liberation theology Papal state Pillarisation Political Catholicism Relations between the Catholic Church and the state In Argentina Sphere sovereignty Subsidiarity Temporal power Theodemocracy Ultramontanism Neo-ultramontanism. Those professing Christ are the ones saved. Hi, It disturbs me that those who want tolerance and acceptance for the life they choose to live, cannot accept that others have chosen to live a life opposite to them.